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Architectural Trends We Expect to See in 2023

What trends our Architects expect to see in residential architectural trends in the coming year.

large house 3d render with room for multiple generations of family to fit, architectural trends

Parent / Elderly Care

Some families choose to live in multigenerational homes. For families with aging parents or working parents with small children, having older relatives living in an in-law suite on the same property can reduce overall costs and improve their quality of life. These spaces can allow for some independence, but with the added comfort of knowing family is right there if needed.

Guest Room Ensuite

Giving your guests an ensuite bathroom allows additional privacy and comfort during their stay. They can also be used to alleviate the amount of traffic in the shared bathrooms in the home. These bathrooms can be adapted for elderly or disabled guests for additional accessibility.

Jack & Jill Rooms

This ensuite bathroom is a great option for families with kids or those with frequent house guests. The bathrooms share a toilet and shower, and typically have two sinks so that less private activities such as brushing teeth can be done at the same time. Storage options can be added, as well as stalls to provide privacy around the bathing and toilet areas.

Electric Car-Friendly Home Designs

Electric vehicles are the clean, quiet, eco-friendly method of transportation that is slowly taking over the way we get from Point A to Point B. With several states planning to ban the sales of gas-fueled vehicles in a little over a decade, designing your home to be EV-friendly would be wise. Electric cars take around 12 hours to completely charge. While public chargers are popping up in front of grocery stores, hotels, parking garages, and many other locations, the most convenient solution would be to charge in the comforts of home.

Space-Efficient Homes

You may already be familiar with the Tiny-House Movement. The concept of downsizing extravagant, maximalist lifestyles and living more simply. “Tiny Homes” have been fabricated out of materials such as sheds and storage containers, and entire house-building kits are available online on Amazon or Home Depot. While some people take the plunge and go with these methods, others opt to design their homes to be space-efficient.

Open Floor Plans and Work Areas

Formal dining rooms are being swapped out for open floor plans. With the changes in technology and remote work being on the rise, multitasking is at an all-time high. A work-from- home parent can take care of business while still being able to supervise their children in the background. People can move through the space unhindered and it can be customized to the family’s daily needs.

The Evolution of Family Rooms

The way families spend time together is evolving to fit with the changes in technology. A theatre or media room is where the family can gather together and enjoy their favorite movies, shows, or games.

A Shower for Two

The traditional master bathroom with a jacuzzi tub is becoming a thing of the past. More often we see large customized shower areas with two shower heads and a clawfoot tub. People are more likely to shower on a daily basis, so it is better to put the space to a more practical use.

High-Quality Finishes

Adding high-quality finishes such as granite or ceramic adds to the visual interest of the space. They increase your home’s value, making it more attractive and convenient. Adding a kitchen island creates more room for food prep and a breakfast nook for light, informal meals. Skylights are a great way to add light and space to a room. High-quality finishes are very beneficial when planning to put the home on the market, as they help stand out amongst the others.

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