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August is Water Quality Month!

As a LEED accredited professionals, sustainability and green building is a significant aspect of our lives and jobs. This month focuses on the importance of water quality, which we should consider for our everyday lives.

Due to rooftops and pavements not allowing rainwater to soak into the ground, rainwater runs off the pavement into storm drains then travels to local streams, rivers then eventually the ocean. Through its travels rainwater acquires many pollutants such as oils, pet wastes, and fertilizers. This becomes a major issue for that in most places where storm water is not treated; leading all of the picked up pollutants ending up in local waters.


Here are a few tips that can help protect water quality in your area:

1) Don’t over water your lawn. Over watering can increase how deep fertilizers go into soils and eventually groundwater supplies.

2) Wait for dry weather to apply lawn care chemicals.

3) Pick up trash and pet waste. Be aware of always putting trash into trash or recycling bins and picking up after your pet. When walking your dog try to stay away from waterways.

4) Use rain barrels. Rain barrels are a great way to catch rain water that runs off your roof. The collected water can be used to water garden plants, wash windows and cars, all the while not entering storm drains and contaminating water sources. Be sure to check local regulations to see if they are allowed in your area.

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