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Church Growth and Expansion

The overwhelming growth of your church’s congregation is a wonderful problem to have. When space becomes an issue, it may be time to consider solutions that will make your place of worship live up to its true potential. Renovating existing spaces or adding an expansion to your church can solve your current problems, as well as open your ministry up to more opportunities than ever thought possible.

We are currently working with Fleetwood Bible Church who is planning to add an expansion in order to better serve their congregation. We have designed a 13,400 sq ft addition onto the existing 22,459 sq ft church, which we previously designed in 2001. The addition will include a multipurpose space, platform, entry, foyer/serving area, restrooms, commercial kitchen, and a balcony.

Working with an architect ensures that the original building and the new addition will blend cohesively and keeps your original goals in mind. Expanding your space gives you the opportunity to expand your ministry and services to the community, ensures the safety of those in attendance, and keeps you open to welcoming new members.

From the initial planning stage to the project execution, we make sure all of your questions have been answered, and that no stone has been left unturned. If you are ready to take the next step and discuss your project, contact us today. We are here, and ready to work with you!

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