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Fire Restoration – A Positive Outcome to a Terrible Situation

Few people want to even imagine what it would be like to experience a fire in their house. Going through that loss is not something to be taken lightly and can be an extremely difficult time. That is why, here at Watkins Architect, we are prepared to provide our architectural experience to guide you through the restoration of your home. We do what we can to make what might appear to be an overwhelming process, more manageable and seamless as possible.

That was the scenario for one of our past clients, the Musik residence in Pottstown, PA. The fire ripped through most of their house and required gutting all three floors: basement, first and second. They reached out to us to provide the design and drawings for the restoration of their home. Working with them, the design involved reusing the stone front from their original house, resulting in a reconstruction that retained features from their original home.

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Fire restoration is not simply a rinse and clean process. There are many factors that need to be identified and properly addressed, such as the ash and markings that could have been left behind, the odor that lingers in the air, and the damage that may be done to the plumbing and electrical systems. Besides this, the owner also has to put into perspective how much they lost. While many personal belongings may have been lost, there is always the possibility that certain items of value to you may be salvageable.

If the unfortunate happens to you or anyone you know, remember to contact us, and we can help to restore your home to the way it used to look. We’re with you step-by-step of the restoration process, from the planning through construction.

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