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Get to Know Mary’s Shelter

We wanted to take a moment to feature a non-profit that we proudly support, Mary’s Shelter! Mary’s Shelter provides residential and non-residential services for pregnant women and women with newborns who need a supportive environment and may lack suitable housing. They have helped many young women get on their feet and be able to provide a better life not only for themselves, but also for their children.

Mary’s Shelter has several services they provide to pregnant women or mothers of newborns who need added assistance to provide a better future for their child. Below are services they offer:

  • Temporary Housing
  • Counseling
  • Assisting young women with learning how to care for their baby, get an education, budget and prepare for future housing.
  • Classes for parenting skills, interpersonal relationship skills and housekeeping skills.

Their goals through these services are to support women through a healthy pregnancy, completing a form of education (if needed), participate and complete in-house classes, and in the end, provide them with referrals they need to receive proper housing.

Mary’s Shelter also has pantry services that they offer through Community Outreach. Through this, they help over 1,000 low-income women and children in our community every year.

Here at Watkins Architect, we have provided designing services for them for their Kenhorst Boulevard Renovations. Through these renovations, they were able to increase their bedrooms and family units which doubled their capacity to provide mothers with newborns the ability to have independent living and a vision of hope for the future. They still have more room to grow in this one location. The lower level of this location has the ability to be updated to include more ways to help mothers in need.

Consider donating to Mary’s Shelter to help them continue to be able to reach out to those mothers and pregnant women who need that extra support in their lives.

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