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How to Design Your Welding Shop

Watkins architect, architecture, hospital architecture, school architecture, architecture renovation, architecture design, architecture firm, Eco-friendly architecture, energy efficient architectureWhen designing your ideal welding shop there are multiple factors that can come in play, but Watkins Architect can help you decide on something comfortable, but product efficient. This can include trying to find a balance between the environmental space around you and the efficiency the shop can provide at a certain speed.

Necessities you need to remember that must be included in your building are of course gas, the fume exhaust, and electrical wiring. You should have enough room for workers and employees to be able to work while not being cramped together in harm’s way around every corner. Two welding projects that were recently completed are the Lehigh Career and Technical Institute and the Sheet Metal Workers Training Center.

LCTI which is located in Schnecksville, PA recently added new additions to their facility. For their present welding lab program, they used metal for an aesthetic design element on a focal point located near the campus entryway.

Sheet Metal Workers Training Center which is located in Hamburg, PA is in the process of having a new building constructed. The new training center includes two stories and 12,000 square feet of additional area. This space brings along many rooms including twelve welding booths, three classrooms, a conference room, a break room, an office, and a library for all their work needs.

A great step towards crafting and connecting together your welding shop is jotting down your ideas and thoughts on paper. It’s one step closer to getting to your plan, and you’ll need to decide what positive and negatives come from each idea you bring to the table. Watkins Architect can help you collect together all your thoughts and try to find a path to the final concept that can be ready for the physical construction of your shop.

Constructing a shop is not the most straightforward idea and may take a lot of brainstorming and help, but we’re here to provide the additional resources and manpower for you to achieve your desired shop. If you’re thinking of designing your welding shop, contact Watkins Architect for our services! With our past experience through other projects we have worked on, you can rely on us to not only help you put the idea on paper, but also build it up realistically.

Watkins Architect is a local architectural firm that can handle everything from designing your project to managing it. Watkins Architect handles all types of architecture projects from commercial and retail to industrial and educational. We work throughout the Berks and Lehigh area and all across Pennsylvania. Browse through our portfolio to find out what architecture projects we have completed.

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