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Personalized Hunting Lodge

In a world so immersed in technology, there is growing desire to break away from the hustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature. Hiking, fishing, kayaking, and hunting are excellent ways to accomplish this. Such past-times bring together sports lovers and nature lovers alike. After an expedition in the wilderness, there is nothing better than to rest and relax in your own lodge.

The design of your lodge can greatly impact your entire experience. This space can be practical with storage solutions for your gear and display your trophies, as well as a rustic retreat with plenty of space for guests. A covered porch is a wonderful way to take in the views year-round. You could relax and unwind in an outdoor jacuzzi and hang wet clothing out to dry in the foyer.

Lots of Windows

You have a hunting lodge to enjoy the outdoors, you want to be able to take in the views. Make sure your lodge is filled with large, strategically placed windows. They let you not only appreciate the views but also bring in a lot of natural light.


Besides windows, you also want a porch to be able to take in the views. Along with that, similar to a hunting lodge we recently designed, you can have your porch created to also have shooting stations to targets that you have set up on your property.

Space for Visitors

Anticipate you are going to want to bring your friends and family to your hunting lodge, and be prepared with extra rooms and accommodations.

We recently worked with an individual to design their own personalized hunting lodge in Albany Township. The 1,500-SF lodge was designed with exposed timber frame construction, a center cupola with windows to bring in daylight, bi-folding exterior glass doors to open the space to the covered porches, radiant heating and a wood stove. The two sides have covered porches with shooting stations and targets on the property. The lower level was designed for tractor and equipment storage. It has 13’ high ceilings, and a 12’ high x 24’ wide hanger-type door for getting large equipment into the lower level. The exterior has 8” thick stone salvaged from a barn demolition project and wood siding.

If you are ready to design your ideal rustic retreat, give us a call today! We are here to assist you with any of your architectural needs!

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