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Providing Services to Retail Locations

By now, you have learned from our past blogs that here at Watkins Architect, we have the ability to provide our architectural services for a vast variety of project types: from residential and municipality to industrial and commercial; we have the necessary experience.

This month, we want to feature the retail industry. When selecting an architect for your retail store project, you want to make sure they will listen to your needs and vision, along with providing a layout for your location that offers a smooth and easy-to-follow shopping experience for your customers.

Here at Watkins Architect, we have plenty of experience in the retail industry, but we wanted to share with you three recent projects we have worked on. From Aldi in Reading, PA to a Knoll Showroom in Boston, MA and all the way to London for an Edelman Leather Showroom, take a moment to learn about these past projects!

Located at the former Unclaimed Freight on Fifth Street Highway, Reading, PA Watkins Architect designed the new shell space addition within the former Unclaimed Freight building, along with various renovations, including the façade to blend with the adjacent Walgreens, lighting, canopy, the loading dock addition and new utilities. Our services included the full range from design through construction documents, bidding and construction administration.

grocery store architect pennsylvania
architect pennyslvania

Boston Knoll Showroom
Watkins Architect prepared the architectural construction documents for the interior renovations to the existing 12,000 square foot showroom. This project achieved LEED Platinum certification, including the following sustainable features: exemplary performance in public transportation access, water use reduction and regional content, as well as reduced lighting power density, Energy Star appliances and equipment, high-recycled content materials, views for over 95% of areas and low-emitting materials, and almost 90% of construction waste diverted from landfills.

knoll architect
knoll architecture

Edelman Leather London Showroom
Watkins Architect provided a variety of consultation services for the interior renovation of the existing showroom, including pre-planning, documentation, bid period assistance and construction management.

Before selecting just any architectural firm, search out those firms who have the proven experience and strive to provide their clients with the best service possible. If you’re interested in seeing other past commercial architecture projects we have completed, check out our profile page. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your next building or redesign project.

Watkins Architect is a local architectural firm that can handle the designing of your home. Watkins Architect handles all types of architecture projects from residential architecture to commercial and educational. We work throughout the Berks and Lehigh area and all across Pennsylvania. Browse through our portfolio to find out what architecture projects we have completed.

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