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Redesigning Your Building Because of Road Expansions

Sometimes buildings have to be redesigned because of changes happening around them. This holds true for Maidencreek TV and Appliance. They came to us several years ago because of a PennDOT highway widening project on SR 222. We provided them with design services for these changes.

The design services we provided for the addition and renovation included a new exterior facade. Renovations also include modifying the parking and site flow for the building and creating a new main entrance for the retail store. The renovation also included updating the 12,000 SF large showroom with a kitchen display, 8 offices, breakroom, warehouse, docks, bathrooms and other support spaces. 

When it comes to having to redesign your building because of changes, such as road expansions, there are a mix of emotions that are involved. The best thing you can do is see this change as an opportunity to make changes and additions to your building that you may have been thinking about, but just didn’t get around to doing. Along with that, it can help you to create a new look that will help to draw new customers into your business. Check out a past blog we wrote that talks about embracing change.

If you encounter a situation where you have to make adjustments to your business because of a change around you, we can help you with this task. Contact us today and let us take care of the architectural needs for your redesign. We have worked with many businesses throughout Berks County, PA and the surrounding areas with redesigns.

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