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Thinking About Building?

The real estate market is volatile right now. For many families and individuals, they are turning to the idea of building. Many because they are struggling to find a suitable apartment and others because they want to be able to pick and choose the look and layout of their residence.

For most individuals, while budget is a large factor in building, deciding how they want their house to be laid out and designed is a fun experience. Take a quick moment to check out a past blog where we include a few questions you want to ask yourself when deciding what you want included.

Recently we worked with a family that was looking for something very unique. This family was looking for a timeless modern home with a Norwegian feel to it. After exploring several designs and materials, the owners fell in love with the final design. The home is approximately 4,000 S.F and features vaulted ceiling great room, large expansive windows, a large rear porch to enjoy their 14-acre property with views to a stream, and a conditioned 2-car garage.

As you can see from the photos, it is truly a unique home.

Images from reSawn Timber

Deciding on the look and feel of your house does take time, but we work with you to determine what the best design is for you. When individuals sit down with us to discuss their future home, we ask them to provide us with a wish list of ideas that they would like included in their home. We then incorporate our design ideas which include layout, size, and aesthetics based on our broad experience working on other homes. We guide our clients through the process by starting with schematic designs all the way to the construction documents. At the end of the process, their dream home is able to be built!

We enjoy watching homes come to life and seeing the end result! If you’re in the market to build, give us a call, we would love to help you build your dream home!

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