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Updating Your Car Dealership

Unless you’re a used car lot, most car dealerships are franchisees, which means they have to comply with the corporate guidelines. Corporate guidelines can have requirements for everything including layout, signage, lighting, and furniture. With this, the design of your car dealership can be very difficult to be sure you have everything just right.

Franchisee Car Dealership
Each brand is different in how they want their car dealerships to be laid out, so you want to make sure you stay within the requirements they each have.

Understanding all of those requirements may not be the easiest; but, working with an architect who has the experience in automotive corporate guidelines can help you breathe easy knowing that you’ll be following everything correctly. Here at Watkins Architect, we have extensive experience in these guidelines and can help guide you through them.

Independently-Owned Car Dealership
If your car dealership is independently owned, all of the decisions are in your hands! Designing the right layout for your car dealership is critical. You want to make sure it flows so it’s a great experience for your customers every time they arrive. If you offer repairs right on site, have the entrance be at a separate location from the new car sales entrance. A properly designed shop that is efficiently laid out will save time and money! You can get creative with every aspect of your car dealership! With this power, you want an architect that can be by your side. Someone who gives you their thoughts and suggestions on how to lay things out, as well as fulfill your requests.

Whether you have to design your car dealership within certain guidelines or you have the ability to get creative, you want an architect with experience in working on car dealerships. Watkins Architect has that experience. Head over to our car dealership portfolio to find out some of our past projects. If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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