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What to do When Your Church Needs Renovations and Additions

It can be very exciting when a church is growing and needs a new or larger space. Growth and change can be an energizing part of a ministry. But with that growth comes many questions and unknowns:

  • Should the church construct a new building or convert an existing building to serve the parish better?
  • If there is a need to purchase land, where should it be and how to know if it’s a good deal?
  • Church officials and congregation are aware of what is needed, but unsure as to how to actually achieve it.
  • Why is hiring an architect that specializes in church design and construction so important?

Finding an architect to design and build your church doesn’t have to be intimidating. However, knowing what to look for and what questions to ask can help immensely on your journey. Watkins Architect is the firm to work with for your church’s needs.

How can Watkins Architect play a role in your church renovation, design or addition?

We coordinate every service and stage in your building process. We are responsible for listening to your needs; to make sure your vision is understood and carried out by everyone involved. From the first conversation through the certificate of occupancy, Watkins Architect acts on behalf of the church coordinating all aspects of the design and construction process.

We ensure that all parties involved stick to the timeframe and budget; as well as communicate any changes or issues that arise and help create a unique growth solution to keep everything moving forward in the project’s best interests.

Watkins Architect knows that your church is more than an attractive building — it is its people and the culture it represents. We understand the heart of the Church and how a church functions to create an efficient, comfortable, safe ministry building for the people gathering inside.

Even though every church’s vision and building needs are different, there are important core values that every client should consider:

  • Watkins Architect understands the church’s purpose, goals, and core mission to be able to grasp the vision better and carry it to completion.
  • The inner workings of ministry include many elements and moving parts. We know how to create a comfortable, safe, and functional space so that the focus can be on the ministry of the people.
  • We are attentive to every detail and ensure accuracy to help maintain the vision’s clarity and intercept potential problems before they arise.
  • Watkins Architect is diligent and prepared to intervene in all necessary stages of the building process; ensuring that everything stays on schedule and flows as smoothly as possible.

Knowing that Watkins Architect has your best interests at heart and doesn’t simply view you as a “sale,” will give you peace of mind that our work — seen and unseen — will be honest and transparent.

We are committed to your vision

Strong communication both ways is crucial. Watkins Architect initiates consistent communication to give you confidence throughout the progression of your church project. Additionally, having direct access to all key team members ensures that everyone stays informed and unified from the beginning to the end of your project. Watkins Architect will actively listen to your specific needs, unique vision, and particular perspective. Once you share those needs and vision, it is our job to translate it and develop it into a plan of action around that unique vision. An architect should never put their style or desires above the client’s.

What are the first steps?

Watkins Architect is more than happy to share strong references of past clients with you. We can connect you with those clients to provide you with feedback about the quality of our work, communication, support, and process.

We understand the importance of consistent, open communication with our clients, as well as the importance of high-quality work on the building design itself. You will have direct access and communication with all key team members working on your project. Beyond confirming open lines of communication, establishing trust and a strong personal relationship from the beginning is highly important to our Watkins Architect team.

At Watkins Architect, we can share similar church projects that have been completed so you can see examples of our work. Not every church builds from the ground up. Sometimes it is more efficient to choose an existing building. No matter which option is the best decision for your church’s unique needs, hiring a church architect familiar with and understanding all the factors of those options is vital.

Our firm provides design services throughout the Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas. We also have worked with many churches all across Pennsylvania and the United States. With our experience, we are available to plan your next building, expansion, or renovation project. We take special care in the design process to connect existing church architecture with new additions.

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