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When is the Best Time to Start Planning your Building Project?

Watkins architect, architecture, hospital architecture, school architecture, architecture renovation, architecture design, architecture firm, Eco-friendly architecture, energy efficient architectureSchool is back in session and that makes us start thinking about planning and preparing for upcoming building projects. A successful construction project is achieved through planning and   organization. So, no matter what your building project may be, if you are thinking about starting it next year, now is a great time to start working on the groundwork for it. We wanted to share with you some steps you can take to start preparing now.

Building Professional
Finding the right architect to design your building project is vital. Pick an architect who has the ability to provide all of the services you are looking for, and maybe even a few you didn’t know they could assist with! Here at Watkins Architect, we assist with any “pre-design” tasks to insure that your project has the best chance for success.

Below is a list of Pre-Design tasks we offer:

  • Site/Facility Evaluation
    • Site Analysis
    • Evaluation of Existing Buildings
    • Project Feasibility Study
    • Master Planning
  • Site/Facility Planning
    • Site Selection
    • Space Planning
    • Renderings and Presentation Plans
  • Interior Design Services
    • Space Planning
    • Equipment Planning/Coordination
    • Inventory of existing furnishings and recommendations for relocate/reuse

You want to have a plan laid out for your project, from start to finish. The plan should include the size, budget, and type of construction, be in steps of phases, and should estimate the completion of each phase and the final completion of your building. Many times with construction projects there can be delays, but even with a delay, the plan will help everyone stay on focus and know what comes next.

For every building project, you are required to have specific permits. Here at Watkins Architect we can assist you in determining what permits are needed for your project. This is a task that needs to be done ahead of time since the project will be unable to start without them.w

These are just a few ways you can start planning for your upcoming building project! At Watkins Architect we have experience in knowing what you need and how to plan for any type of building project. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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