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Working Directly with Customers

At Watkins Architect, we believe that successful projects depend upon the collaboration between the client and the architect, permitting us to better support and stand behind their aspirations. Communication is crucial to both monitoring the project progress at all stages, by listening to the client’s input and feedback regarding their expectations, and to working efficiently, to maximize daily progress.

We’d like to talk about DS Smith, a client we have highlighted in the past. After their former project was approved by the city and resumed once more, their corporate branding necessitated the collaborative effort of both DS Smith and Watkins Architect. Since corporate branding is on a much broader level than just the branding of a certain product, it can sometimes require the effort of many individuals working together to determine and grow the name of the corporation.

DS Smith themselves are handling the more up close and personal sides of the branding field internally, as well as the signage. To help them in this process, Watkins Architect provided them with our exterior and interior elevation drawings, enabling them to better visualize the character of the walls and various spaces. To assist us during the project, DS Smith provided us with their basic branding package, which clearly outlines their requirements for the project, thereby facilitating our design of spaces to properly accommodate the needs.

In order to facilitate greater progress and avoid conflicts during the project, both the client and architect must entrust each other’s contribution to the project and at the same time work together toward the branding goals. Effective communication with a client requires being on the same page, resulting in less confusion during a project and fostering the interchange of ideas; all contributing toward the agreed upon the end result. If you’re looking for an architect firm to team up with, give us a call today.

Watkins Architect is a local architectural firm that can handle the designing of your home. Watkins Architect handles all types of architecture projects from residential architecture to commercial and educational. We work throughout the Berks and Lehigh area and all across Pennsylvania. Browse through our portfolio to find out what architecture projects we have completed.

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