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Importance of Interior Design for Your Upcoming Project

Not only do we handle the design work of new additions and buildings for projects, but we will also gladly work on the interior design to match what you want! Even though passersby may only glance at the exterior of the building, what is on the inside is what counts. Making sure that your interior design is right for your location is key and will affect both your employees and clients.

For your employees, they are there every day, and a workspace that is functional, visually pleasing, and comfortable for them to work in is important. All of this contributes to their level of happiness and in the end helps with the productivity of your business.

For clients, the inside of your building could potentially affect their decision to work with you. A well laid-out building exuding professionalism and success helps with a first impression, and most times a first impression is key!

That is what DS Smith was looking for when they came to us. They were looking to have a new addition designed and their interior space renovated for their ever-growing business. The project would provide a more high-end entrance and a new design center for DS Smith that their clients would use and see daily coming in and out of their facility. The 1,500 square foot interior design renovation included new branding, upgraded modern finishes, lighting, large electronic displays, and two large glass wall office systems. The 2,000 square foot addition included similar finishes and had a corner full height curtain glass wall system that allows natural light into the interior spaces. The addition will also include a beautiful exterior patio area for workers and visitors.

We take pride in any type of work we provide for our customers, whether through interior design services or architectural services. We provide a variety of different services, including interior design for retail, commercial, corporate architect, industrial, religion and education to name a few. Other examples of projects include new homes, residential additions, deck additions, funeral homes, strip malls, banks, etc. There is no limit on what we can help you with! The design and look of your home or buildings matters, go with an architecture firm who cares about what is important to you.

Take a moment to check out our profile pages on past projects we have worked on and give us a call to set up a consultation for your next project.

Watkins Architect is a local architectural firm that can handle everything from designing your project to managing it. Watkins Architect handles all types of architecture projects from residential, commercial and industrial to religion, townships and educational. We work with individuals and businesses throughout the Berks County and Pennsylvania area for their architectural needs. Browse through our portfolio to find out what architecture projects we have completed.

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